Don’t you love how God gives you dreams? I’m not talking about the ones when you’re asleep, however I have quite crazy dreams at times but that’s for another day. I’m talking about the dreams that God whispers to your soul. Sometimes these hit you out of nowhere and sometimes you might get clues all along your life until one day it makes sense.

I’ve experienced both of these types.  When I was around 15 years old I went to summer camp with my friend’s church group. It just so happened to be missions week, and I just so happened to have never even thought about the mission field. On the last night the speaker asked everyone to pray and ask God if they were being called into missions. I saw a vision of myself working with kids in Africa. It was vivid, I still remember it to this day, and I will always believe it was from God. I haven’t been to Africa yet. At the time God showed this to me I thought I was going to be in the medical field, so of course I thought that’s what I would be doing in Africa. I didn’t go into the medical field. I have experienced such regret that I had killed this vision that God gave me because I didn’t become a doctor. Recently though I have realized that this really isn’t true. There are so many possibilities, so much need, so many ways that my gifts can be used. I will go to Africa one day, and I’m not going to limit God on what I will be doing there.

The other dream God has given me has been long and slow. When I was in third grade I loved to write cute little poems. Then in fourth grade I loved writing stories to practice for the writing test. I came up with some hilarious ones when I look back! I have always enjoyed writing. I can express my thoughts and emotions better through writing that I can in conversation. I have to work to keep my explanations to a sentence or two rather than a paragraph. And yet, I never thought that gift was from God. I have had so many great ideas of things I could do, ways I could help others, but they weren’t from God. They were my way of running from what God was calling me to because I didn’t understand it. In the last couple of years I have been exposed to many successful Christian women, women that change the world with their words. I have been so inspired! Slowly, God has been telling me… this, this is what you were created to do. It’s really scary to say that. To announce it to the world. What if I fail? But then, what if I don’t?

Those are the two very different dreams God has given me. Maybe they will be related or maybe they won’t, the jury is still out. But I have decided that I’m going to take these dreams and run after them with all that I have.  If they never happen, then maybe the race was the calling, not the finish line. What dreams has God given you? What dreams are you trying to run from?