We are moving. It has been a long process getting our house ready to list. It’s never easy to think about leaving a home that holds so many memories. Our first home, where we came home from our honeymoon, we had our first big fights as a married couple, brought home our babies, rocked them at night, watched them play, take first steps, so many firsts. The only home my children have known. It’s been hard on my 3 year… Read more »

For the past few weeks I’ve been drinking watered down Gospel. I’ve been feasting on the lies from the dark side. I’ve been craving the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’m not playing the blame game. I could try to act like it’s someone else’s fault that I haven’t been experiencing God lately but it wouldn’t be the truth. How often do we blame others for our issues? If I’m honest, way too often. I don’t want to be responsible… Read more »

Life can be quite disappointing at times. We make plans and they fall through.  We dream about life changes but the details don’t work out.  There is a never ending list of things that can disappoint us. Do you ever feel like you have more disappointments than other people?  I know I feel that way sometimes.  It seems like if there is a possibility that my plans won’t work out, they don’t.  I am very cautious about getting my hopes… Read more »

I see you. I know how you feel. You are going after a dream with little confidence. You put in your time, you do the work, and you give it your all. But still, you hear this whisper {or maybe a yell} telling you that none of it matters. No one would miss you if you stopped. What you are doing isn’t making a difference. I feel you, world changer in the making, I really do. See, I have this… Read more »

I have noticed since becoming a stay-at-home-mom my “value meter” has been a little off. I have begun to value myself based on the successes of my children, the appearance of my home, and the happiness of my husband.  When all of these things are doing great, I feel great. When my daughter plays nice with a stranger I feel proud, but when she is bossy to a little girl she just met I want to hide behind a tree… Read more »