My baby is turning 4 in March. Aside from all of the “I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast” thoughts, I’ve had one profound realization that has wrecked me. The day she was born was the day I lost myself. Most mothers can relate on some level. When you have kids, especially more than one, it is too easy to become consumed with their needs and put yourself last. I remember being so overwhelmed my entire pregnancy… Read more »

I love spring. Sometimes winter can feel so dark and lifeless.  But, when spring arrives it feels like a brand new start. There are so many beautiful things to look at outside like flowers blooming, trees blossoming, birds flying around, beautiful blue skies, and you cannot forget the warm rays from the sun. When I look at this unedited photo I can’t help but think of how beautiful it is.  I think about how intricate the bloom is, how carefully… Read more »

My usual way of writing is out of my experiences.  When I feel something, I share it. When God teaches me something I pass it along. I enjoy writing this way because it feels honest and transparent. Recently, I’ve been in an odd season.  God has been growing, stretching, challenging and changing me. Great, right? I should have so many things to share. But, God has been telling me to be still and quiet.  The things he has been teaching… Read more »

Sometimes I feel like a pizza that has been thrown on the ground upside down. I’m jumbled, messed up, and look like a disaster. As we were coming in tonight {or maybe it’s last night now since it’s 12 am} Brent was carrying our pizza, his drink, and his things while talking on the phone. Before I knew what was happening our hot, cheesy pizza  had landed upside down in the grass, thankfully it stayed in the box! When we… Read more »

Have you ever started a task, worked for hours, but when you looked around it still seemed like nothing had been done? I know that feeling all to well.  While we have been packing to move I have worked for hours in one room.  I packed several boxes, threw away countless items, and placed others in a donation pile but I felt like the stuff left to pack was multiplying when I turned my back on it. I felt overwhelmed. Almost trapped… Read more »