I love spring. Sometimes winter can feel so dark and lifeless.  But, when spring arrives it feels like a brand new start. There are so many beautiful things to look at outside like flowers blooming, trees blossoming, birds flying around, beautiful blue skies, and you cannot forget the warm rays from the sun.


When I look at this unedited photo I can’t help but think of how beautiful it is.  I think about how intricate the bloom is, how carefully the creator crafted it and how breath taking it is to look at. Beautiful flowers make me marvel at God’s creation. I feel like I understand him better when I value the beauty he has put around me.

Something quite the opposite happens when I look at other pictures. There are some pictures I look at and wonder what in the world God was thinking.  How could he create something so imperfect, so flawed? I can look at those pictures and think of so many things that could have been done differently to make it as beautiful as the picture of that flower.

When I am finished analyzing those pictures, I hit delete, so no one else will see that imperfect picture of me.

I doubt I am alone in this.

Why is it that we marvel over certain parts of God’s creation and pick out the imperfections of other parts, especially ourselves?  I appreciate, even value, the beauty of a flower but then I question God’s decision as a creator when I look at a photo of myself.  How distorted is that perception?  The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, knit together in our mother’s womb, and that he numbers every hair on our head. Why is it so hard for us to understand and apply this knowledge to ourselves?

How dare we spit in the face of our creator by telling him his creation is not good enough? My eyes are not the right color, my nose is too big, my teeth are too crooked, I’m too fat, I’m too tall, my lips are not right, my hips should be smaller, my hair should be straighter. We tell ourselves we do this because we have low self-esteem.

But, lately, I’m beginning to think its something else. I believe it is the manifestation of some issue you have with God. Maybe you don’t believe that God really cares about you. Or you don’t trust that God is at work in your life. Maybe you just can’t quite relinquish control of your life over to him.

When we are at peace with God and he has the rightful place in our lives, as Lord and savior, then we can begin to see all of his creation as beautiful, intricate masterpieces. Will that mean that we will automatically believe we are beautiful? Maybe not. But, when you can understand that God has created you, has a purpose for you, wants to be in fellowship with you, and delights in you, the shape of your body won’t matter so much anymore. The condition of your soul will be so much more important.

God, help us to ignore the cries of this world to pick apart our appearances. Help us to see ourselves as you have created us, beautiful, magnificent masterpieces created to serve you and to lead others to the truth. Amen.