We are moving.

It has been a long process getting our house ready to list. It’s never easy to think about leaving a home that holds so many memories. Our first home, where we came home from our honeymoon, we had our first big fights as a married couple, brought home our babies, rocked them at night, watched them play, take first steps, so many firsts. The only home my children have known.

It’s been hard on my 3 year old. She can’t grasp the concept of what is going on. We will be staying with relatives until our new house is ready.  Trying to explain all of this to her has caused her to say some funny things. “I don’t want a new house” “I don’t want my own room” “I want this house” “Why are you packing my stuff?” “Now my room is not perfect” I giggle a little because she is so passionate when she says these things.

But, I have tried to understand what she might be feeling.  Her safe place is gone.  The comfort of home is being packed up one item at a time. We are moving twice within 6 months, it’s overwhelming. She calls our house “Mommy’s house” so in her mind we are getting rid of mommy’s house.

Last night on our way home from visiting my parents she told me she didn’t want to move, she wanted to go to Mommy’s house. Out of nowhere I told her, “Hannah, my house is wherever you, Sadie and Daddy are.” That wasn’t a thought out line, it was from my subconscious, from my heart. It’s probably the truest thing I have ever said. My home is where they are. Not in the walls or the roof, the carpet or the cabinets.

I can be like Hannah when it comes to God.

When God brings change into your life it can be hard. We get so comfortable where we are that the thought of moving on is paralyzing. In the moment it is hard to understand that where he is taking us is so much better than where we are.

Hannah doesn’t understand that our new house is going to have a bigger back yard for her and her sister to play in. She doesn’t understand that we are going to have a bigger kitchen so that we can cook together. She doesn’t understand that we will make new memories and that the new house is “better” than our old house.

In the same way, you don’t understand that God is enlarging your territory. That he is bringing you more blessings. He is giving you more opportunities to serve him and reach others for the kingdom.

Our house is where God is. As long as he is in us we will always be right where we need to be. Our heavenly Father cares so much about us. He knows that change is hard.  The preparing and waiting can be overwhelming, but the reward at the end is greater than you could imagine.

Where is God taking you? Are you trusting that your new house is better than your old one?

God, help me trust you and your plans for my life. Help me to not hold so tight to what I have now that I make no room for you to take me to bigger and better places. Let my house be where you are. Amen.

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  1. Star Atherton

    I like you blog post!Have you already moved out?I won’t use that address anymore,if so.Happy for you!

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