Have you ever started a task, worked for hours, but when you looked around it still seemed like nothing had been done? I know that feeling all to well.  While we have been packing to move I have worked for hours in one room.  I packed several boxes, threw away countless items, and placed others in a donation pile but I felt like the stuff left to pack was multiplying when I turned my back on it. I felt overwhelmed. Almost trapped… Read more »

We are moving. It has been a long process getting our house ready to list. It’s never easy to think about leaving a home that holds so many memories. Our first home, where we came home from our honeymoon, we had our first big fights as a married couple, brought home our babies, rocked them at night, watched them play, take first steps, so many firsts. The only home my children have known. It’s been hard on my 3 year… Read more »

For the past few weeks I’ve been drinking watered down Gospel. I’ve been feasting on the lies from the dark side. I’ve been craving the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’m not playing the blame game. I could try to act like it’s someone else’s fault that I haven’t been experiencing God lately but it wouldn’t be the truth. How often do we blame others for our issues? If I’m honest, way too often. I don’t want to be responsible… Read more »