I’m still working on allowing myself to be good enough this week. I hope you are, too.

As I’ve been giving myself grace I’ve been thinking about people and how we are connected.

There are a few things in life that connect us all together. When you look around you it may seem like the only thing you have in common with the rest of the world is the fact that you were born. If you look deeper I guarantee you will find more things.

When I look around I see one emotion that connects us all.


For some fear is crippling. Their ability to function on a daily basis is affected. For some it’s just a quiet whisper in the back of their mind.

For me, it’s a nagging reminder every day.

I have these big dreams, big things I feel like God is calling me to do but my fear is frequently in my ear. It tells me why taking the next step is scary or why other people wouldn’t believe in my dream. It’s not easy to be confident when you have a constant fear.

But like I said, it is something that binds us all together. If you were to ask any random person on the street if they have ever felt or experienced fear they would say yes. It is a part of life, something we all have at some point.

The thing that separates us is the way we deal with it.

When we allow fear to consume us we might as well be paralyzed. Fear can have such a stronghold over our lives that we never reach our full potential. How sad would it be at the end of our lives to know that we didn’t accomplish everything we could have because we let our fear of doing something control us?

When I am afraid, I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3

When I can put this verse into action I am able to overcome my fears. I can take that next step in my calling, I can ask someone for help, I can take on another project, I can raise my kids the way I believe, and I can have better relationships with others. Instead of wallowing in my fears of the judgment of others when I put myself out there I will trust that God’s plans are greater than mine, even when they make me uncomfortable.

This isn’t some magic formula I’m trying to sell you. The only way I can overcome fear is with God’s help. I have tried to do it my way, but the fear never leaves. I have seen people I love try to tame their fears on their own and the fears only grew stronger. When we put our trust in God the fear may not go away completely but he will help us overcome it.

Don’t let the fears of life rob you from doing the thing God has called you to do. When you are afraid, trust in him. Let him fight the fears with you. When you see a friend or loved one battling fear in their lives, remember it is an emotion that we all experience. Don’t judge them because their fear might look different from yours. Give them grace and encourage them to trust God, too.

God, help me to not be overcome by my fears. Help me to put my trust in you. I know you are greater than any fear I may have. Show me how I can control my fears instead of them controlling me. Amen.

2 thoughts on “An emotion that binds us

  1. Tiffany

    My mom devo today was about fear and anxiety, so I believe God is trying to tell me something here! Definitely something I struggle with! Great post

    1. Kristal Post author

      Thanks for sharing Tiffany! That’s amazing that they were the same topic. Praying for you!

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