I mentioned a little about my church in my last post so I thought I should share some more about it today. When Brent and I were planning our wedding we were trying to find the perfect place. His dad had started going to the church his family had gone to years ago. We thought we would go check it out as an option. The sanctuary was beautiful. Tall ceilings with tall gorgeous windows. Perfect for a wedding (and FREE… Read more »

Before Peter stepped out onto the lake he asked Jesus to tell him to come to him. When Jesus did Peter trusted him and took those first steps. The wind began to blow and feeling the effects of the storm Peter was afraid. He took his focus off Jesus and began to sink. He cried out to Jesus. Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31 Ouch. I’m… Read more »

Comparison hurts everyone. It is the thief of joy. I’m not sure exactly what I thought would happen when I started my Facebook page and blog. Part of me must have thought that I would have new page likes and blog subscribers every day. There is a very realistic part of me that knew and knows that it is a lot of work and takes time. But, that doesn’t always help the first part of me. I follow a lot… Read more »

Life is not fair. I think that is my motto. I say it more than I probably should. But, I believe it wholeheartedly. I let it consume for a while. I have told God every day how unfair it was. I said it was unfair when I couldn’t find a job after graduation. It was unfair when it took a few months to get pregnant with Hannah and then I thought I was going to miscarry. It was unfair when… Read more »

Today is my birthday! And in honor of my birthday, I’d like to tell you about the woman that gave me life, my Momma. I know her pregnancy with me was not an easy one. I made her pretty sick, she only gained a few pounds and I weighed almost 10. But then I showed her how much I appreciated her by being the best baby ever. 😉 Seriously though, thank you Momma for giving me life. Happy BIRTHday to… Read more »