ATTENTION CHRISTIAN: The church is not for YOU!

Our society is self-absorbed to say the least. Instant gratification is at our fingertips. We are free to shout our opinions from the social platform of our choice. If someone is not for you they are against you. Wait is a word we despise.

This attitude overflows to every area of our lives. We bring the selfishness with us when we walk through the doors of our churches. If the service is not tailored to our preferences we get angry. If someone doesn’t speak to us we get offended.  We threaten to leave when the music is too loud or if they sing too many hymns. If the preaching steps on our toes we find the church gossip to start spreading rumors of getting rid of the pastor.

It’s disappointing and frustrating.

Since when was the church about us?

The purpose of the church is to reach the lost, to spread the good news. Once you become a Christian, it’s no longer there for you and your preferences. At that point the church is for you to come to worship and help others come to Christ. Plain and simple.

When you become a Christian you join the body of Christ. A body cannot work against itself and do good. When there is division in the body it cannot do its purpose of reaching others.

I imagine the devil is enjoying the show right now. Our selfishness is a tool being used to bring division into God’s house. No wonder non-believers are turned off.

The church doesn’t need to change the Gospel, but some of our traditions are outdated and won’t reach those in their 20s. It’s a fact no matter how much we don’t want to believe it. There will have to be some changes for the church to continue to grow.

I’m not saying the church needs to compete with the world, but if we aren’t relevant or interesting millennials might come but won’t stay and the church will eventually die out.

Will you take a stand with me and refuse to be a pawn in satan’s attacks on the church? Let’s bring unity back into our churches. You may not agree with everything the leadership of your church chooses to do but that’s ok, support them anyway. The music may not be your style, but it might be the style of a non-believer that came for the first time and then went on to accept Jesus.

So as a Christian, no, the church isn’t for you. Don’t fall into the trap of believing the church is there to serve you. You are there to serve the church and help others come to Christ.

Heavenly Father, please take away all my selfish desires. Put boldness into the hearts of those you have called to defend the unity of your church. Help us as Christians to remember that the church is not for us, it is a place that we come to worship you and lead others to you. Help us to remember when we don’t like something a certain way that it may have an impact on a nonbeliever.