I have an almost three year old! I have an almost three year old 🙁

I have mixed feelings about this in case you can’t tell. I am not sure how time has gone so quickly. When you’re young, three years seems like an eternity. But when you are an adult it’s nothing.

She amazes me every day though, how she’s growing and learning. Having a child helps me understand God better. The love I have for my daughter is like God’s love for us. It is unconditional and strong. Not possible to break.

Then, I also see other aspects of that relationship. When my daughter was a baby she looked to me 100% to take care of all her needs. She knew I was going to take care of her. She couldn’t talk because she hadn’t learned how to. But as she got older she has learned to do some things for herself. She can walk, talk, feed herself. She is becoming more independent.

That’s how we are as Christians. When we first become Christians we are babies. We don’t know as much. We may not know how to “talk” like a Christian, study the Bible, and pray. As we grow in our faith we learn how to do these things on our own.

Sometimes my daughter will say something and I hear myself.  My favorite copy thing she says is to her little sister, “It’s ok honey.” But then she say’s some not so nice things I say to her when I discipline her. “Be quiet” or “Listen to me.” It’s not that those phrases are bad, but the tone she uses cuts like a knife.

She repeats what she hears and what she learns. We are like that as adults, too. When we are filled with the world, the world comes out of our mouths. When we are consumed with Jesus, love and kindness flows out.

Luke 6:45 says: A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

I have learned this through my *almost* three year old. When she is filled up with love and encouragement that is what comes out of her little heart and mouth. When I discipline her with harsh words, that frustration and anger comes out.

When you speak, do you hear Jesus or the world?

I know I want to hear more Jesus coming out of my mouth and heart. To do that, I have to spend more time with him. More time reading, praying, being kind, loving others, and choosing joy.

Heavenly Father, sometimes my heart reflects the world more than it does you. Help me to be mindful of what I put into my mind and of what comes out of my mouth. I want my heart to overflow with your love so that I can speak that to others. Amen.