ATTENTION CHRISTIAN: The church is not for YOU! Our society is self-absorbed to say the least. Instant gratification is at our fingertips. We are free to shout our opinions from the social platform of our choice. If someone is not for you they are against you. Wait is a word we despise. This attitude overflows to every area of our lives. We bring the selfishness with us when we walk through the doors of our churches. If the service is… Read more »

Camp was fantastic!! I’m pretty sure that I learned just as much as the students we took with us. I am always humbled and blessed that I get to spend my time with these “kids.” It is an honor to say the least. They are an extension of my family. In case you haven’t noticed I like to write out of my struggle. I was told at a conference once that you shouldn’t do that because you haven’t fully processed… Read more »

There is this word that bounces around in my heart, mind and soul. It is a trap that keeps me from living a carefree life. A lie that I have grown to believe. Normal. I hate that word, and yet I cling to it. Sometime when I was young I bought into the lie that normal exists. From that point on I have been very cautious to stay within those parameters. How would I do that? Be a good girl,… Read more »

I have an almost three year old! I have an almost three year old 🙁 I have mixed feelings about this in case you can’t tell. I am not sure how time has gone so quickly. When you’re young, three years seems like an eternity. But when you are an adult it’s nothing. She amazes me every day though, how she’s growing and learning. Having a child helps me understand God better. The love I have for my daughter is… Read more »

You don’t mind me being honest here, right? I didn’t think so. 🙂 I haven’t been doing much reading and studying lately. I have been “busy” or aka focusing on too many other things. Having grown up in church most of my life I often subconsciously think I know enough scripture. I’ve prayed enough prayers that going without for one day won’t hurt anything. The truth is that one day turns into two turns into three turns into a week… Read more »