Have you ever found yourself in a season of life where you say yes to every opportunity that crosses your path? Teach Sunday school, yes! Be in charge of some group, yes! Make 1000 cupcakes, yes! Take on extra shifts at work, yes! Give up your free time to help someone else, yes! Spin your wheels until you have no gas left, YES!! This is exactly where I have found myself recently. My husband and I lead the youth, I’m… Read more »

This weekend is a happy time for me and my little family! Sunday will mark 1 year that Sadie has been home and we have been together as a family. I call it family day! We knew before Sadie was born that something was not right with her brain. I was prepared for her to be taken away from me to spend a couple days in the NICU. I had mentally prepared myself for the moment they would take my… Read more »

Don’t you love how God gives you dreams? I’m not talking about the ones when you’re asleep, however I have quite crazy dreams at times but that’s for another day. I’m talking about the dreams that God whispers to your soul. Sometimes these hit you out of nowhere and sometimes you might get clues all along your life until one day it makes sense. I’ve experienced both of these types.  When I was around 15 years old I went to… Read more »